018810 Anybus comDTM for FDT

018810 Anybus comDTM for FDT

  • Minimised effort for integration of field devices into software systems
  • FDT 1.2A Compliant
  • Single FDT frame application supports PROFIBUS and other networks
  • Certification test made by M&M Software GmbH
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    Anybus comDTM for FDT
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Opis produktu

The Anybus comDTM for Profibus from HMS Industrial Networks together with a compatible FDT 1.2a frame application connect multiple device DTM's to respective PROFIBUS connected field instruments. Typical FDT frame applications are Fieldcare (Endress & Hauser), PACTware (PACTware association) or fdtCONTAINER (MM-Software). The Anybus DPV1 Master module supports Class 1 and 2 services thereby allowing for PLC cyclic Class 1 services to co-exist with the acyclic comDTM Class 2 services on the same network.
System requirements:
-Windows 98 SE, NT 4.0, 2000, XP
-ca. 2 MBytes Hard Disk space
-Pentium IV CPU
-256 MB RAM
-FDT 1.2a compliant FDT frame application installed
The Anybus comDTM is suitable for the products Anybus-M embedded Profibus master module, the Anybus-PCI Profibus master card and the Anybus X-gateway with Profibus master. The X-gateway enables remote FDT access to the Profibus network via Ethernet.

Specyfikacja techniczna

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Spec Version: FDT 1.2A.
Order Code: 018810