AB7648 ASI Master-Profinet IO Slave

AB7648 ASI Master-Profinet IO Slave

  • Manages control of up to 62 AS-Interface slaves
  • 248 digital inputs and 186 digital outputs
  • Intelligent auto configuration support
  • SSI scripts used for easy display/control of process data on WEB-pages
  • Gateway diagnostics via WEB-pages
  • E-Mail Client, FTP & Telnet Server
  • Profinet IO and IT functions
  • Profinet IO 100 Mbit/s twisted pair cable and RJ45 connector
  • TCP/IP settings configurable with Profinet config tool, Anybus IPconfig or DHCP
  • 2x1 Mbyte storage space on Flash disc
  • Support for Anybus OPC Server
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    ASI Master - Profinet IO Slave
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Opis produktu

The Anybus X-gateway copies I/O-data in both directions thus enabling data exchange between the two networks. Default I/O configuration is 20 bytes Input and 20 bytes Output. Changing default settings is very simple and is carried out using the RS232 configuration port and a standard terminal interface on a PC, such as Hyper Terminal for Windows.

The Anybus OPC Server is supported and included with this X-gateway. It enables fast and dynamic transfer of fieldbus data to and from e.g. SCADA/HMI/Enterprice level systems based on Microsoft Windows.

The AS-Interface Master for the Anybus X-gateway implements an extended AS-Interface master (M4), and complies to version 3.0 of the AS-I Complete Specification. It supports up to 62 slaves with a maximum of 248 digital input and 186 output signals. It also supports 124 analog values. All standard services are available including detailed diagnostics. The network interface is optically isolated and equipped with a 2-pin pluggable screw connector. The Master supports intelligent auto-configuration via the on-board configuration button or manual configuration via a terminal program such as Hyper Terminal for Windows. The AS-interface module is certified by the AS Interface user organization and has proven conformance and interoperability with leading manufacturers of I/O, sensors, valves etc.

The Profinet IO interface is a complete solution for a Profinet IO slave Device. The module is based on the Siemens Profinet IO software technology. The Profinet IO baudrate is 100Mbit/s (full duplex). The IP-address and additional IP-settings is easily configured with the Anybus IPconfig utility for Windows. Additional ways to set the IP-address are either via DHCP or Profinet configuration tool. Four diagnostic LEDs will continuously indicate the actual Profinet IO status and possible error messages. The Profinet IO interface uses a normal RJ45 connector for the bus connection. IT-functions like WEB-server, E-mail client, FTP-server are also supported. The IT functions can be used simultaneously with the Profinet IO communication. Modbus/TCP is also supported with "Read Data" functions.

Specyfikacja techniczna

  • Specyfikacja techniczna
Size: 126 mm x 110 mm x 42 mm
Power Supply: 24 VDC (?10%)
Temperature: 0-65°C°C
Current Consump: max 300 mA
Baud Rate: Default 20 bytes, max 64 bytes (248 digital inputs
Sub Baud Rate: Default 20 bytes, max 64 bytes (186 digital output
Mech Rating: IP20/Nema1
Config Method: Windows Hyper Terminal, GSD file for Profinet
UL certification: E203225, Listed 67AM, UL-1604 Class 1, Div 2, GP A, B, C, D, Temp Code T4
ATEX certification: ATEX 135419, II 3 G, EEx nL IIC T4, DEMKO 03
Power supply connect: 2-pole 5.08 mm Phoenix pluggable screw connector
AS-I baudrate: 167 kbit/s
AS-I connector: 2 x 2-pole 5.08 mm Phoenix pluggable screw connectors
Profinet Connector: RJ45
Profinet baudrate: 100Mbit/s
Price Group: B
Order Code: AB7648

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